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Why do some people research and ask critical questions, while most people are content to cycle in manufactured distractions, deception, manipulation and control by the forces of darkness that hijacked Earth a very long time ago?

Pain and suffering are sustained through man's willingness to go along to get along. In other words, unless man says no, he/she said yes to energizing a beast system that sucks the life force energy, well being, joy and prosperity out of most people, which is not how life was meant to be.

Turn on new awareness to stop energizing and thus disappear the forces of dark forces deliberately destroying man and the environment.

Silence is tacit or implied agreement

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Individuals interpret new information based on personal experience, their stage of development, and belief systems hidden in the subconscious that tend to dilute knowing, delay development, and minimize joy.

The validity of information here, depends on your willingness to realize the transformative Power of your choices through direct experience.

I can write about honey being sweet and lemons being sour however unless you 'taste' them how will you ever know the difference?
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