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Why do some people deep research and ask critical questions, while the majority of people are content to cycle in engineered distractions, deception, manipulation and control by the forces of darkness that rule this planet?

Darkness is sustained through man's 'consent' to which the One True Creator, the only Power, generates physical reality. In other words, consent permits the forces of darkness to harvest pure light energy in man created in the image and likeness of the One True Creator.

Turn the light on in a dark room and darkness disappears. We need man to turn on his/her heart light, which is pure light to disappear dark forces destroying man and our home planet.

Silence is tacit or implied consent

Each of us is a unique particle of pure light with freewill to end the reign of terror that imprisons Earth and mankind.

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Individuals interpret new information based on personal experience, their stage of development, and belief systems hidden in the subconscious that tend to dilute knowing, delay development, and minimize joy.

The validity of information we present depends on your willingness to realize the transformative Power of your choices through direct experience.

I can write about honey being sweet and lemons being sour however unless you actually 'taste' them how will you ever know the difference?
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Apocalyptic themes leading up to 12.21.12 were engineered by the forces of darkness to increase fear, which blocks intuition, creativity, and keeps the collective energy of man at a low level because like attracts like.

The Shift of World ages foretold by many indigenous cultures is real, it's now, and like no other. Read more at


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