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Doreen Agostino is a catalyst for people who want to become aware of, and fully potentialize their unique INNER TECHNOLOGY, the most sophisticated technology ever to grace this Earth.
In other words, each of us is fully equipped to pass through these 'end times', a rare and natural world age shift, when we align our body-mind-spirit Power, the same Primordial Conscious Power which gives us breath, awareness, and freewill to choose also creates worlds, stars, galaxies, universes, and all creation.
To go within and seldom go without, email Doreen Agostino at In the Subject line insert Self Governance. Custom coaching includes a free e-copy of 'So You Think You're Awake?', Liberate Yourself From Anything Outside The Moment Revealed.



Remarkably simple, safe, and natural, Earthing refers to skin contact with the Earth, permitting you to receive natural and subtle negatively charged free electrons that restore balance to the body's multi bioelectrical systems. Now you can ground indoors to connect with Earth, the ultimate anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory, for natural health and healing! Documented results are extraordinary! Click GoEarthing image for Trailer. Tune up at



Humans interpret new information based on personal experience, their stage of development, and belief systems hidden in the subconscious that tend to dilute knowing, delay development, and minimize joy. The validity of information we share depends on your willingness to realize the transformative Power of your freewill choices through direct experience. I can write about honey being sweet and lemons being sour however unless you are 'willing' to taste them [wise action], how will you ever know the difference? Click book image for details.


2016 Shifting times

Social media is the new battlefied. Subscribe free to one or more of Doreen's Blogs, where we sift through all the dis-information, distractions, and distortions to expose the Truth. Visit us and plese share our links because we are all in these 'end times' together.