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Decades of research beyond traditional education, and sight-sound-smell-taste-touch, unmasked spiritual principles, philosophy, theology, indigenous prophecy, and 'evidence' of a far greater reality. Prompted by inner guidance, Doreen explored another reality from the inside out by shfitng negative thoughts, words, actions, and feelings to positive, mastering emotions, clearing and raising her vibratory frequency [energy field], to experience the Power of inner technology, the single most sophisitcated technology ever to grace this Earth!

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Resolution Guide, Author, Radio Host, and Natural Law Emissary, Doreen Agostino advances conscious science, evolutionary principles, self realization and empowerment through self-mastery, to transform adversity into best possible solutions, during profound and rare initiation of our species into adulthood.


Self realize the Power of ‘inner’ technology with revelations in Doreen’s mini-book 'So You Think You're Awake?' Liberate Yourself From Anything Outside This Moment Revealed!


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Learning Revolution International Accelerated Learning with Dr. Jeannette Vos | Peak Potentials Enlightened Warrior, Life Directions, Train the Trainer, Master Trainer, Ultimate Leadership, Wizard | Holodynamics Facilitator at World University with Dr. Vernon Woolf| Light Worker Over Light Relation-Shift with Steve Rother | Mastering Alchemy Personal Power Field with Jim Self | Create Personal Power Personal Power Specialist with Michelle Rigg | Usui Method Reiki I and II | Silva Method Graduate.

EDUCATION | World University
Degree: Self-mastery
Field of study: Inner Systems Coherence
Grade: Multi-dimensional

Description: Self realization, self mastery, self empowerment, triune brain, SOULutions, problem-reaction-solution-deception, false flag events, electro-magnetic smog, distractions, prosperity, well-being, joy, discernment, maturation, liberation.

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