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Decades of research beyond traditional education and sight-sound-smell-taste-touch unmasked spiritual principles, philosophy, theology, indigenous prophecy, and evidence of a far greater reality. Experiential learning combined with transforming negative thoughts and patterns to positive, shifted Doreen's outer reality exponentially from limiting beliefs and doubt to greater understanding, well-being, inner peace, and knowing.


Author, Resolution Guide, Public Speaker, Radio Host, and Revelationist, Doreen Agostino advances conscious science, evolutionary principles, and self-mastery, to transform adversity into best possible solutions, during profound global initiation of our species into self empowered adulthood.


After restoring her biology naturally from stage 3 cancer Doreen wrote 'So You Think You're Awake?' Liberate Yourself From Anything Outside This Moment Revealed, a mini-book about human inner space the next frontier.


Tune in and tune up your inner compass


Liberate best possible solutions from within

To restore well-being naturally Go Earthing.


Learning Revolution International Accelerated Learning with Dr. Jeannette Vos | Peak Potentials Enlightened Warrior, Life Directions, Train the Trainer, Master Trainer, Ultimate Leadership, Wizard | Holodynamics Facilitator at World University with Dr. Vernon Woolf| Light Worker Over Light Relation-Shift with Steve Rother | Mastering Alchemy Personal Power Field with Jim Self | Create Personal Power Personal Power Specialist with Michelle Rigg | Usui Method Reiki I and II | Silva Method Graduate.

EDUCATION | World University
Degree: Self-mastery
Field of study: Inner Systems Coherence
Grade: Multi-dimensional

Description: Conscious awakening, self realization, self mastery, self empowerment, triune brain, SOULutions, problem-reaction-solution-deception, false flag events, distractions, prosperity, well-being, joy, electromagnetic frequency, discernment, maturation and evolution of homo sapiens.

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