Doreen's mini-book is about taking the ‘red pill’ to explore inner space the next frontier, awakening to the colossal Power of 'freewill' choice, and taking responsibility for 'intentionally' creating outer reality.



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There are 3 states of being human. Most men and women are aware of only 2 states: asleep and awake.

During the rare timeline Earth is passing through foretold as the Shift of World Ages, 2012, Cosmic Alignment, Ascension, Planetary Metamorphosis, a 3rd state of being 'consciously aware' of how living humans create reality, compels each of us to learn, and become, so much more than we ever thought we could be.

Doreen's mini-book So You Think You're Awake?: Liberate Yourself From Anything Outside This Moment Revealed, is about exploroing our own inner truth, to empower smooth transition out of the worst of this world age cycle into the best of a new world age cycle coming toward us.

Ancient wisdom unmasked in the book, is woven into radio interviews Doreen hosted with consciously awake modern scientists, physicists, cosmologists, award winning authors, attorneys, and other pioneers of good conscience, like Theoretical Physicist and Futurist Dr. Peter Russell, Cellular Biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, Neuroanatomist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Director of 40 Cancer Treatment Centers Dr. Dean Shrock, Neuropsychologist Dr. Rick Hanson, Cosmologist Dr. Jude Currivan, to strengthen the foundation for a coherent new world.

This mini-book is about a mind and heart shift in living humans, as adversity is pushed to the surface for us to purify and make way for rebirth and renewal.

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Richard Harvey psychotherapist, author and spiritual teacher, answers questions about the threefold model of human awakening, through deepening levels of awareness.

The first level is what we usually think of as personal therapy, the second is a personal transformation that leads to authenticity, and the third is the realization of the true Self.

Click image to learn about the relationship between personal therapy, personal authenticity, and self-realization.


Doreen Agostino is one of the most heart-centered, caring people I know and this is so readily apparent in her book, So You Think You're Awake?. In her book Doreen synthesizes scientific and metaphysical perspectives to help us open to 'Soul love'. Please read this book to discover the truth and power of who you really are and how to make all your dreams come true. Dean Shrock Ph.D. Author of 'Why Love Heals' : Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine.