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A New Era


Foretold by many indigenous cultures, we are living the rare and natural close of many grand cycles within cycles of time, some as long as 225 million years.

For this reason the old ways no longer work. Debris from the past is being pushed to the surface [inhumane acts on populations, globalization, debt slavery, deception, corruption], for each of us to acknowledge, pull together, and purify peacefully [right the wrongs].

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The rare and natural timeline Earth is passing through compels each of us to raise our awareness and evolve our human brain, the muscle of Primordial Consious Power, God, Other Name, by replacing fear [reptilian lower brain] with courage to tame and master our emotional responses to adversity [mammalian mid brain], and take competent action to empower best possible solutions [neo cortex upper brain], to smooth transition during planetary metamorphosis. Click to learn more about your Reticular Activating System



To empower what you DO want instead of what you DO NOT want, raise the vibratory frequency of your body-mind-spirit by shifting from negative to positive beliefs, thoughts, words, actions, and feelings..
The value you take away from this website depends on your 'willingness' to experience the transformative Power of 'your' freewill choices through direct experience. Watch the video to learn more:

How to Stop Expecting The Worst (Catastrophizing) -Teal Swan-