Open World Government = dictatorship



Freedom and wellness are choices everyone must now make



There are 3 reasons why the predator class that masquerade as government control mankind:

Man's Incompetence
[lack of awareness]
Their breach of trust
[government impunity]
Implied CONsent to illegitimate authority
[by the people]

Voting is CONsent to give your proxy [personal Power] to politicians to make decisions in your absence that become the new normal. Silence is tacit or implied CONSent. In other words, the electoral process is voluntary bondage; CONsent to chemtrails, gmo food, 5G untested for human health and safety, fluoridated water, endocrine disrupter plastics, and 100 years of PLANdemics.


Every government that failed to put forth a referendum for the people to choose their form of governance is de facto or illegitimate.


Sold to Centralized Power

Most if not all world leaders are selected by the predator class, and none dare leave the reservation.

The predator class through elected politicians are advancing a dystopian, tyrannical one world government. See for yourself


Wash, Rinse, Repeat: 1976 Swine Flu Vaccination Fraud

Dr. David Sencer, American public health official who orchestrated the 1976 immunization program against swine flu, interview with Mike Wallace CBS 60 Minutes.

1979 video documentary excerpts:

WALLACE: Nearly everyone was to receive a shot in a public health facility where a doctor might not be present, therefore it was up to the CDC to come up with some kind of official consent form giving the public all the information needed about the swine flu shot. This form stated that the swine flu vaccine had been tested. What it didn’t say was that after those tests were completed, the scientists developed another vaccine and that it was the one given to most of the 46 million who took the shot. That vaccine was called X-53a, was it ever field tested?

DR SENCER: I can’t say. I would have to –

WALLACE: It wasn’t

DR SENCER: I don’t know

WALLACE: Well, I would think that you’re in charge of the program

DR SENCER: I would have to check the records. I haven’t looked at this in some time.

WALLACE: The information form, the consent form, was also supposed to warn people about any risk of serious complications following the shot. But did it?


CBS ’60 Minutes’ video documentary full TRANSCRIPT at



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Your enslavement requires your CONsent

Maxims are foundations upon which modern systems operate however the predator class prefer to enforce their will instead of Natural Law.



Ignorance of those things, which one is bound to know, does not excuse.
Silence is agreement i.e. tacit or implied consent.  
He who rules creates the rules.
He who fails to assert his rights has none.

The male sex always includes the female.


Red is restricted human use.

Off limits to humans


Proof of a one world, tyrannical government is COVID19 PLANdemic 2020 that is being used to deceptively lock down the planet, create food shortages by destroying food, closing meat processing plants, and to replace meat consumption with edible insects, install 5G untested for human health and safety, which increases the toxic body load, and exacerbates illness ... through CONsent of people in isolation, which is weakening the immune system, and allowing government to make decisions in their absence that will become the new norm i.e. the end of all privacy and all freedom. .

The predator class have come out from behind a veil of secrecy, which makes them vulnerable, and makes people PREY, unless the majority of people become aware and stop erasure of man, made in the image and likeness of the One True Creator.
Research Transhumanism, the merging of man and machine.

Unless the majority of people say 'no' they said 'yes' to a dystopian future i.e. 1984 on steroids. George Orwell's final message to mankind.