One World Government dictatorship



Freedom is a choice



The electoral process was 'engineered' for man to choose his/her own fate every four years because when you vote you agree to be ruled by the will of others.

There are 3 reasons why globalists masquerading as government lawfully maintain control over man:

Man's Incompetence
[lack of awareness]
Their Breach of Trust
[government impunity]
Implied Consent to their Authority
[by the people]

Every government that 'usurped' final decision making authority of the people is de facto or illegitimate. Lawful action to claim final decision making authority from de facto governments a.k.a. direct democracy is an unalienable right, not to be mis-interpreted as an attempt to overthrow de facto government. 


Canada: Sold to Centralized Power

Most if not all world leaders are selected by globalists and none dare leave the globalist’s reservation. Read more at

Elected politicians are finalizing centralized power over all countries. See for yourself


Public, Private, Partnerships



It is vital to know how people world-wide are being disempowered through public private partnerships a.k.a. PPP or P3s.

refers to all levels of government including the UN and foreign governments.

PRIVATE refers to the rich and powerful, multinational corporations, foundations, globalist controlled universities, associations, etc., and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as follows:

PARTNERSHIP means they combine together with a mutual goal to take control of all government assets belonging to taxpayers whose governments abdicated responsibilities to their constituents.

“People with the most money control the partnerships.” Joan Veon [1949 - 2010]



Maxims and Ancient Scripture are Authority

They are foundations upon which modern systems operate however globalists prefer to enforce their will instead of Natural Law.



Ignorance of those things, which one is bound to know, does not excuse.
Silence is agreement i.e. tacit or implied consent.  
He who rules creates the rules.
He who fails to assert his rights has none.

The male sex always includes the female.

















To finalize a centralized one world, totalitarian, new world order government, the forces of darkness have to reveal themselves and their plan. This makes them vulnerable 'only' if the majority of people become aware and take back final decision making authority from illegitimate governments while we still can.

Do you even know what we are 'all' up against?


Unless the majority of people lawfully say 'no' they said 'yes' to a dystopian future i.e. 1984 on steroids.