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The Great Purification


We are living the rare and natural close of many grand cycles of time. What people mocked as conspiracy theory is now evident and very real.


Fraud, corruption, eco-destruction, deception, injustice, staged terror attacks, debt slavery, genocide, manufactured global migrant and refugee crisis, child sex trafficking ritual abuse, organ harvesting, no law enforcement, harmful wireless technology, etc. SIGNAL end times, a time of purification where everything hidden is being revealed a.k.a. Revelations, for man to grow up and off the wheel of pain and suffering to take his rightful place as Heir of the Creator.

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Freedom requires unity of purpose




The Governor General of Canada will not stand to protect the Canadian people from the usurpation of their rights by government

A response to Statement of Claim No. T2068-18, filed by the CPU on behalf of Canadians, was received from Legal Council representing the defendant(s) in The Canadian peoples’ Union v Her Majesty the Queen.



The CPU is not a labor union nor is it a political party. The CPU is a registry to record the will of the majority of Canadians because in Canada under Common Law 'majority' status requires 51% of Canadians in each of the 7 Provinces, and 51% in each of the 3 Territories, to e-sign free the Convention of Consent.

This process can be applied in any democratic country.


Yellow vests raise awareness however lawful steps are required to invoke 100% veto power to the people [pure direct democracy], avert personal injury, liability, imprisonment, civil unrest, and martial law locking the planet down under a new world order as follows:



In law, nothing supersedes the will of the majority of the people regarding governance


The CPU process can assist the people, politicians, the judiciary within all levels of government, the courts, and private corporation stakeholders, to effectively transition to a system of pure direct democracy from representative democracy that led people to give away their proxy votes to politicians, and resulted in forfeiture of their ‘final decision making authority’.

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The rare and natural time Earth is passing through compels each of us to raise our awareness and evolve our human brain by replacing fear [reptilian lower brain] with courage to tame and master our emotional responses to adversity [mammalian mid brain], and take wise action to empower best possible solutions [neo cortex upper brain], to smooth transition during planetary metamorphosis.

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Left brain imbalance produces reptilian dominators whose emotions and compassion are shut down [globalists]
Right brain imbalance produces fear, denial, and slaves whose survival instincts are shut down. [denial, ignoring the facts, inaction]

A balanced human brain cannot be manipulated nor can it limit human potential.

to balance both hemispheres of your brain