The two most important days in life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why. The following pages were generated to assist with the latter.


Canaries In The AI Data Mine
2020 Courage

The Great CON of man is hidden in one tiny word: CONsent. Maxims of Law are ecclesiastical and often upheld by the highest courts. As follows:

Qui tacet consentire videtur. He who is silent appears to consent. Jenk. Cent. 32.

Consensus tollit errorem. Consent removes or obviates a mistake. Co. Litt. 126.


In other words, everybody has a responsibility to right the wrongs. Otherwise silence and inaction make us complicit.

Interaction with Artificial Intelligence [AI] is CONsent that allows AI to upload everything it learns from man to a blockchain or hive mind, for all AI to access, and control the entire world. Birds flock, bees swarm, animals herd, AI mimics.

AI algorithms now censor factual information, disable videos and Blogs, block social network accounts that challenge the official narrative, and control mainstream media. Why? To manipulate and control the minds of unaware people pacified by toxic food and water, toxic air, and interacting with electromagnetic radio frequency radiation devices harmful to all life.

Two elephants, one choice

William Henry sees two elephants of transcendence before everybody.

One is Grey: CONsent to enmesh a spectrum of inorganic digital technology in our skin, and entangle ourselves further in a s.m.a.r.t. synthetic brain that clouds our home planet's atmosphere with technology and eliminates freewill choice. The world's largest corporations have developed this technology. Millions have signed on. Incomprehensible benefits and challenges await. Trillions of dollars are at stake.

One is Pink: CONsent to remain natural, organic beings and spiritually craft a rainbow light body that ensures our freedom, and also leads to a post biological future in a consciousness of heightened awareness, in which humans transform the earth into a planet of pure light and love. Before you say, 'yeah right', one should realize that millions of people who practice yoga, meditate, visualize and study methods of ascension are on this path.

To ascend out of man's inherited lower animal nature into our higher divine nature is a choice everybody will have to make.

  Jerry Day nails it in his video

"The smarter AI gets, the faster AI gets even smarter. The bigger AI gets, the faster AI gets even bigger." Jerry Day


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The Awakening


After years of exploring reality beneath the 'official narrative', Doreen was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Instead of prescribed chemo and radiation, Doreen embraced cancer as an opportunity to experience inner truth.

Expanded awareness allowed Doreen to restore her biology naturally through the one and only Power, in each of us, which gives everybody breath, awareness, and freewill to choose between good and evil.

The mini-book, 'So You Think You're Awake? Liberate Yourself From Anything Outside This Moment Revealed', is a hand guide to ride the crest of change, and navigate challenges from the inside out.

The next frontier is inner space.


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