The two most important days in life are the day we are born and the day we find out why. This site provides facts and resources to assist with the latter.


Remedy and Relief
2019 Courage

Wealth can be tangible or intangible. Wealth can be used to help or hinder. The wealth of few at the expense of many is out of balance. Public silence, by Maxim of law, is agreement.

In law, nothing supersedes the will of the majority of the people. Unless the majority of people acknowledges assault on all life, and takes lawful, peaceful action to restore balance, man is complicit.

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Destiny is a matter of 'choice' not chance.



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The Awakening


After years of exploring reality beneath the surface of generally accepted beliefs, cancer showed up for the author to experience fact.

Expanded awareness led the author to restore her biology natrually through the only true Power, which lives in every man.

The mini-book, 'So You Think You're Awake? Liberate Yourself From Anything Outside This Moment Revealed', is a hand guide to navigate these shifting times from the inside out; Inner Space the Next Frontier.


Maxim: The male sex always includes the female.


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