Vera Menezes Brazil

One of the most important things in life is to feel that when you invite someone to enjoy something with you, they come fully. That is how I felt about your presence in my telesummit interview. No matter what I say here will never describe the gratitude and contentment I’m feeling right now.

I really want to thank you for your brilliant and valuable message to all the women that will be listening to The Feminine Awakening event. My expectation is that we will reach thousands of hearts that are eager to this transformation. I know that I can continually count with you to spread the word.Thank you so much, for being part of this important movement!

From ramesh shankerlal e-cademy

Dear Doreen. Best wishes for your efforts. You are a Good Sport, wonderfull woman, and most thoughtfull and kind hearted person I have met, this is to say after reading the letter from Japan...I am lucky and happy to be associated with you, and have you or rather, you have me in your contact list.

From Godfrey

Doreen, I came upon your profile in my Face book ... found your radio cast and got blown away. I thought the least I could do was extend gratitude for your breathless passion, vigour and brilliance in the art of Interiority-Excavation. You must be replete with pure love. Thank you. Godfrey Silas.

From Felipe

Thank you for being who you are. I did listen to your radio programwith Aluna Joy, it was very rich in information, and both of your voices were resonating deep within myself, vibrating in total balance of my feminine/masculine energies. Honestly Doreen, with the way Time is accelerating and the vibrations coming into the Planet so strong, first it is very humbling to be here and Now! and how our four lower bodies are cracking at every level and dimension. Please receive my respects and I do honor the work and service you are offering Mother Gaia and the Human Galactic. YOU ARE ME AND I AM YOU IN TOTAL ONENESS.

from hope

This world getting turned upside down and inside out thing, is really finally happening isn't it??? Hallelujah!!!
I could never find your new programs on iTunes, so I would relisten to older programs. l typed the show name in with hyphens Align-Shine-Prosper and the new shows popped up. I've been in Align-Shine-Prosper hog heaven. I think what makes your show so refreshing is that you interact and take to heart EVERY thing the experts say... you own it. You are diving into people and mining the gold in them to make yourself more true.... we, the audience just get to eavesdrop.
It's such a refreshing difference... Thank you for the good links, too. You are so generous with the information you find. I appreciate that too. Love, Hope Barron

From Lorraine

I just love what you had to say. I believe God places people in my path so I can move forward with a great support system. I will start to write for children’s books in the next couple of months. The visions, creativity to me, is about tapping into new mediums. To me, you are a great role model and influence that will guide me along my way. I would love to add you as my special friend. Have a great week Doreen and God Bless Sincerely yours, Lorraine Laviolette, Ottawa, ON.

From Laura                                                            

Hi Doreen. So glad we are connected. I really enjoy your

messages. You are so inspiring to me, and I am sure, others. Your words help me to re-balance in this chaotic world, as well as re-connect with my heart. Thank you! xxxx Laura Boston, Toronto, ON www.animalsensepetproducts.com

From Philippa                                                         

You are a gift to the world and a shining Light example of where we can all be. Philippa Crawford, Montana

From Danielle                                                         

After meeting Doreen I thought to myself: "Doreen you are a firecracker of light, thank you for coming into my life!!!" Doreen shared some key feedback on abundance with me, and encouraged me to align myself with my heart's true calling. I followed this inspiration, put my truth out to the universe in positive 'Now' statements, and within two weeks my whole life changed, manifesting exactly in line! Thank you Doreen. ~ Danielle Seville, Soul Councillor, King City

From Judy
A great coach takes me places I could have only imagined before, sees more in me than I allow myself to see, reminds me to reclaim my power despite the falls and to celebrate my well earned victories! This is how I describe Doreen, who cared enough about who I am to witness me pass the finish line. Her honesty, integrity and experiences helped me focus on my strengths, as I cleared limiting beliefs that delay success. When I felt I just couldn’t, Doreen would reframe perceived challenge in ways that invited me to summon the courage to try again. I found it encouraging to witness Doreen face similar situations. Why? Because as I watched Doreen thrive despite her challenges, I knew if Doreen could do it so could I! I’m delighted with my results. If you feel ready for your next steps to freedom and wealth why take my word for it? Call Doreen!

from cindy

I can't believe my life!!!  Much of what I dreamed about, wished for, wanted to attract into my life, happened in about 3 weeks as a result of coaching with Doreen. What really blows me away is that I had been "consciously creating" with partners through a daily conference call for almost 5 years and not achieved anywhere near the results I did with Doreen in a few weeks!!!! I am on my authentic track and it seems ‘now that I am’ the Universe really does conspire to bring me more! My life is not without challenges, but the processes I learned working with Doreen empower me every day. Doreen, I am so grateful for the beautiful, loving, empowering woman you are to me and to all you contribute to. Thank you with all my heart!

from kata

I wanted to let you know, just being in your presence and coming out that night changed my life unspeakably. I feel so blessed and thankful for meeting you and inspiring action in me. I finally see the light and I am finding direction in my life. You have a gift for reaching others in their core.  Again, thank you and God bless. Keep in touch.

From John
Coaching with Doreen created significant improvements in my life. Her enthusiasm, optimism and spiritual clarity inspire me to take charge of my own life. Applying her processes keeps me focused on opportunities to lessen day-to-day struggle. Openly sharing her growth opportunities is encouraging and humour keeps it fun. Understanding and processing the root cause of perceived disconnects in my life allows me to show up in new ways. Working with Doreen has most definitely shifted my perspective with good results.