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Sacred knowledge withheld from the people by globalists and used to control and manipulate the masses no longer works. This is the true meaning of END TIMES, the end of false light, and 'how' this ends is up to each of us.

Whether the 'consciousness' of globalists is forever destroyed by Infinite Creator or not is a choice each of them must now make.

This page attempts to inform people who have long been controlled, subjugated, used, and rendered subservient by rulers projecting false authority.

Earth is a freewill zone where 'consent' is Power; the Power of Infinite Creator responding to choices positive and negative. The Great CON of man therefore is hidden in the POWER SHIFT word ... CONSENT.

Maxims of Law are ecclesiastical in nature and upheld by the highest courts. The Maxim: 'Silence is Agreement' means when people become aware of harm they are responsible to wisely bring it to
correction otherwise they are complicit.. Example:


If government mismanagement causes harm and the PEOPLE DO NOTHING, silence and inaction are implied or tacit consent.

LEARN MORE AT  https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2015/09/25/how-the-cabal-maintains-power-over-us-and-how-to-stop-it/





















"Natural Law governs the state of freedom of any society anywhere in the universe. The law states that as morality increases in the aggregate of any given population of souls that society's collective freedom will also increase. Conversely, as any society's aggregate morality declines that society's freedom will proportionately decline." Mark Passio




In an attempt to take over Earth, globalists, a.k.a. the new world order, Illuminati, cabal, satanists, collectivists, dictators, communists, are wiping out all cause, core, memory, and record of Infinite Creator.


They infiltrate gradually and seduce stealthily. Look at today's extreme immorality, child sex trafficking and ritual abuse, organ harvesting, weather wars, the manufactured migrant crisis, debt slavery, mind control [light/sound advanced technology], harmful 5G, S.M.A.R.T. readers, wireless technology, planes discharging chemicals planet wide that block Sunlight and Vitamin D and 'no' law enforcement.


Most people are too distracted, over-worked, medicated, seduced by TV, media and religious dogma to realize the final battle taking place between false light of Lucifer technologically hijacking people's body, mind, spirit/soul, and pure light of Infinite Creator inviting people to awaken, pull together, and set ourselves free, at last.


False light beings were rendered powerless by Infinite Creator on Aug 13.09. In 2012, Infinite Creator cut off the transfer of dark energies hence globalists are forced to rely on technology.

This explains rising surveillance, tracking RFID chips in clothing, merchandise, militarized police, culling the population, vitamin D deficiency [blocked Sunlight], mandatory vaccines, uploading human consciousness into a machine a.k.a. transhumanism, and handing everything over to artificial intelligence by 2025 or sooner. See RESOURCES below AND LEARN MORE AT

























Consequences of extreme depravity and harm inflicted by globalists cannot be averted, nor can they escape this realm. Pray the dim lit light in them brightens and guides them to change trajectory. 





The SOULution is to take back our individual power, our Soul/Spirit claimed by the Vatican in 1302 under Papal Bull Unam Sanctam, and take back our countries before they are ensnared under globalization.

The remedy is simple, peaceful, legal and pulls us back from the edge of a cliff
[globalism, transhumanism].

Individuals sign the Convention of Consent [see below] to retrieve FINAL DECISION MAKING AUTHORITY from de facto governments at all levels, and return it to the owners and shareholders of the Crown Corporation of Canada; the people. The same REMEDY can be applied in other democratic countries world-wide.  




























Globalists are partnering with governments and NGOs to create new corporations under Public Private Partnerships [P3s] that render the people minority shareholders in their countries. In other words powerless.


Signing the Convention of Consent is a Power Shift from representative democracy, where governments make decisions for the people, often without full disclosure and consent of the people, to direct democracy where decisions are made BY the people at a local level to begin, and working our way up to provincial and federal levels as we learn and grow together.

Either a majority of people make the effort to get along, take responsibility for the fate of themselves, families, communities and ultimately their countries, or by default consent to a digitized dystopia future living in hell.

Canadian Peoples Union Inc.

Based on full disclosure and by consent of the majority of people, our MANDATE is to retrieve FINAL DECISION MAKING AUTHORITY from de facto governments at all levels, impose moratoriums on all government actions taken without full disclosure and consent of the majority of the Canadian people, demand that the Supreme Court of Canada UPHOLD Constitutional changes established in the Statute of Westminster 1931 and in the 1982 Constitutional patriation that firmly, lawfully and legally placed the people as official CO-OWNERS of the Crown of Canada ABOVE the Institutions (Government, Parliament, Courts, and Constitution], and lawful legal shareholders of the Crown and Crown Corporation of Canada with FINAL DECISION MAKING AUTHORITY to enforce required true referendums by the people in a DIRECT DEMOCRACY.


SIGN CONVENTION OF CONSENT AT http://myfreedom2017.com

























Rule-by-secrecy is vital to globalist’s survival. Exposure is their nemesis.


Humans are not an invasive species. Humans have been manipulated and harvested for their Divine energy, which is Power to purify our minds and hearts to co-create a greater destiny for all.



Building alliances and bridging cultures via self determination and self governance


SOULUTION: prevent your country from globalism and people from e-governance in e-city prisons. https://scannedretina.com/2018/06/20/discussing-the-canadian-solution/


Weaponized weather

The national security state and its corporate and banking benefactors have no limits on their application of technology to create a complete environment of global control. This represents the greatest biological experiment in the history of mankind, not to mention the end of human rights and the law. This is the totalitarian state implemented invisibly down to the most intimate level.



Weaponized social media

Openly admitted, governments and militaries around the world employ armies of keyboard warriors to spread propaganda and disrupt their online opposition.



Weaponized music

September 1939: Illuminati financial interests dictated the standard tuning for note “A” above middle C would henceforth be said to vibrate at precisely 440 cycles per second. This unnatural standard tuning frequency, removed from the symmetry of sacred vibrations and overtones, has declared war on the subconscious mind of Western Man.




Weaponized energy

Consider how remote monitoring of human brainwaves, astral, auric, bioelectric energy fields, could be collected and downloaded at some control centre, and then as a response by advanced technology deliberately send out related informational fields to alter our perceptions, thoughts, feelings or emotions to create a desired reality by the manipulating controllers.

Surveillance state

"First broadcast in America 50 years ago, The Prisoner - a dystopian TV series described as James Bond meets George Orwell, filtered through Franz Kafka, confronted societal themes that are still relevant today: the rise of a police state, the freedom of the individual, round-the-clock surveillance, the corruption of government, totalitarianism, weaponization, group think, mass marketing, and the tendency of humankind to meekly accept their lot in life as a prisoner in a prison of their own making." John W. Whitehead, Constitutional Attorney.



RFID chips embedded in 'clothing' and other possessions without full disclosure and consent of the people.



Message to the 1% and politicians

Nicole Lebrasseur who works tirelessly to raise awareness about the take over of this planet and humans by globalists, switches gears in this video to the spiritual essence of the rare and natural close of this timeline.


Diagnostic wine/peroxide test for nanotechnology

Furthermore, if you perceive information here is a conspiracy theory, do the wine peroxide mouth rinse test, as I did, and others around me have done with the same result. https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2017/07/19/diagnostic-wineperoxide-test-for-biologics-nanotechnology/