The two most important days in life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.
Will you allow us to assist with the latter?



Destiny is a choice. NOW is our chance


Just as seasons on Earth change, cosmic cycles within cycles of time come to a close before a new era can begin. This includes a period of purification [chaos] to transform harmful systems and patterns, stagnant and dark energy prohibited from entering a new era.

What we are witnessing is the old ways dissolving to make way for transparency, unity of purpose, coherence, and freedom. Covid19 is a catalyst because it reveals which side of the eternal battle between good and evil, church, state, corporations and individuals stand on.


In their own unique way each grass roots group and individual listed in the Freedom Rising directory [ALLIES] is working to inform humans so we can free ourselves. .

Members of Freedom Rising represent a commitment to spreading a uni-versal message that we are united in meaningful purpose.

Through mutual respect for one another our voice grows louder by the day. Our mission, is to create the highest version of personal and collective sovereignty world-wide.

Education is liberation


The Great CON of man is hidden in one tiny word consent. In other words, unless you speak up and say 'no' to harm you said yes.

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The truth sets us free that's why it's censored

Interaction with Artificial Intelligence [AI] is CONsent for AI to upload everything it learns from you to a blockchain or hive mind for all AI to access and control the world.

Birds flock. Bees swarm. Animals herd. AI mimics.

AI algorithms [digit police] censor fact based evidence that challenges mainstream media propaganda. Videos, Blogs, social media accounts are disappeared, doctors and scientists are silenced, toxic food, water, air, wireless devices, electromagnetic radio frequency radiation harmful to all life are used to destroy health and well being, while deception and distraction are used to erode rights and freedoms and pit man against man .


Jerry Day nails it in his 'hard look at AI'

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The Awakening


After years of exploring reality beneath the deception, propaganda, and mind control techniques to keep individuals playing small, Doreen was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Instead of prescribed chemo and radiation, Doreen embraced cancer as an opportunity to experience inner truth.

Higher awareness and courage allowed Doreen to restore her biology naturally through the one and only Power that dwells in each of us, which gives us breath, awareness, and freewill to choose between harm and harmlessness.

The mini-book, 'So You Think You're Awake? Liberate Yourself From Anything Outside This Moment Revealed', is a guide to ride the crest of change, manage inner conflict, and create a smoother reality from the inside out.

The next frontier truly is ... inner space.


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